What is SquareUp?

High level overview of SquareUp

SquareUp is a contest platform where all of the entry fees are paid out to winning holders at the end of the day.

At the beginning of each SquareUp contest, users pay an entry fee and receive a unique NFT scorecard that reveals a random combination of sports* teams that are playing during the contest interval (typically, one day). Each scorecard earns a score based on the total points scored by all of the teams on the scorecard.

Each contest has its own contract, own prize pool, and own payout structure.

At the end of each contest, the holders of scorecards with the highest scores will be declared winners and win their share of the prize pool.

SquareUp does not take a cut of entry fees. All of the entry fees paid in for each contest will fund that contest's prize pool.

SquareUp will have its very own native marketplace where users can buy, bid, and list-for-sale their NFT scorecards throughout the contest duration. This marketplace was custom built for SquareUp Contest purposes.

SquareUp is the first protocol to utilize NFTs as transferable contest assets linked to real-world outcomes.

*SquareUp plans to run contests for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and international soccer. Each sport will have its own set of contests.

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