Sunday Timeline

Part 3/3 of the example; a hypothetical timeline and decisions

Saturday, 9 PM EST; the night before all of the games

Bob and Adam both mint an NFT for 0.05 eth at the beginning of the day. Jack doesn’t mint, starts to monitor the market place for people listing tickets for sale at a discount to the mint price

Sunday, 1 PM EST; Mint phase ends, team reveal occurs

All nine of Bob’s teams on his ticket play in the afternoon games, meaning he does not have either team playing in the final, stand-alone, night game. All of his points will be scored before the final game of the day.

Adam’s teams are mostly in the early and afternoon section, but he has both teams playing in the night game. He takes a screenshot on his phone to monitor his ticket.

Jack still hasn’t bought anything

Sunday, 8 PM EST; Only one game left in the day

After the 4:30 pm games conclude, Bob is in first place. He stands to win 30 eth if his score holds up. However, he doesn’t have any more teams that can score.

Bob is a little nervous he will get passed by the people behind him with either one or both of the night game teams. He lists his NFT for sale at 15 eth, hoping for a buyer.

Adam hasn’t thought about SquareUp all day, but starts to check the scores of the teams he remembers on his ticket and opens up the leaderboard.

Adam is in 8th place. He currently doesn’t stand to win anything, but he has both of the teams playing in the night game. Better yet, by filtering the leaderboard, one can tell that he is in first place of all the other NFTs that have both of the night game teams. He is only 50 points behind first place.

Sunday, 8:10 PM EST; 10 minutes until the final game kicks off

Jack decides now is the time to enter the fray. He looks at the leaderboard and believes Bob and Adam’s tickets have the best chance to win the contest and subsequent prize money.

Jack notices the 15e sale price on Bob's ticket, thinking that's probably a fair market value. Jack decides to underbid at 10e to see if he can tempt Bob into taking profits (200x return).

Jack calculates Adam’s ticket to be worth 11e, and bids 10e on Adam's ticket as well.

Sunday, 8:15 PM EST; 5 minutes until kick off

Bob starts to sweat at the offer on his hands, but there is still some time until the game. He lowers his listing to 12e hoping to get that extra profit.

Jack decides 12e is a good enough price and buys Bob’s ticket because he knows he is getting a positive expected value on this NFT coming in at least 1st or 2nd place.

Bob profits nearly 12e in the course of one day, and decides to take his wife out to dinner instead of watching the night game.

Adam logs in, sees the offer of 10e, but decides he’d rather let it ride and keep the chance to earn a 600x return on his investment.

The game starts, and Jack withdraws his bid on Adam’s NFT

Sunday, 11:30 PM EST; the final game is over

After a wild, high scoring, final game of the contest, SquareUp Labs begins to reconcile and verify final scores.

Bob's original ticket ended in 2nd place.

Adam's ticket ended in 1st place.

Jack, who paid 12e for Bob's ticket, heads to the withdrawal page to collect his prize of 15e, registering a 3e profit.

Adam, who decided to trust his gut and hang on to his ticket, is celebrating with his friends knowing that he is able to collect 30e. During the game, he kept receiving higher and higher bids telling him what he already knew: he was going to win. He connects his wallet, clicks the shiny "withdraw" button, and watches his ETH balance increase 600x in the course of an afternoon.

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