SquareUps frequently asked questions

How do I get a SquareUp NFT?

You can mint a new, randomly generated SquareUp NFT straight from us during the mint window or buy a specific one from our re-sale marketplace while a contest is live.

How does my NFT get a score?

After mint, each SquareUp NFT will be assigned 9 teams that are playing on that day. The NFT's score will be the sum of all points scored by those 9 teams.

Can I pick my 9 teams?

Nope, after mint, your 9 teams are assigned at random. However... you can always search the secondary market for your desired combination and make an offer on it.

How do I win?

Holding a top-scoring NFT at the end of a contest! The amount of winning NFTs will vary based on the contest.

Can I make money without winning a contest?

Yes! You truly own your NFTs - and therefore can sell them. If your SquareUp NFT, or “scorecard”, is looking like a potential winner, but you’re done biting your nails for the night, use our marketplace to flip it for profit!

The contest is over, now what?

The winning scorecard will be able to claim a collective 100% of that contest's mint revenue!

What happens after the contest?

Another contest! As long as there are sports and/or other real life events, there will be another SquareUp contest! Each contest will have its own contract, mint window, team reveal, payouts, etc. To play in the next contest, you'll need to mint another "scorecard" or buy one for the new contest from the re-sale marketplace

What happens in the event a game gets suspended or postponed due to weather or something else?

We will take the scores of the affected teams at the time of the suspension and consider it their final score for the sake of SquareUp contests.

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