Bob, Jack, and Adam

Part 1/3 of the example; The three gladiators

Three hypothetical users, Bob, Jack, and Adam all sit down in their respective homes to play SquareUp.

Bob’s profile:

  • Crypto Native

  • Owns several NFTs and/or participates in DeFi

  • Quick flipping trader

  • Mints degen plays, flips, and moves on

Jack’s profile:

  • Degenerate DeFi and NFT whale

  • Positive expected value trader

  • Analytically minded

  • Buys with conviction and size

Adam’s profile:

  • Normal sports enthusiast

  • Limited to no crypto knowledge

  • Created a MetaMask wallet this week just to play SquareUp

  • A true sports junkie; not a trader, unlikely to sell or hedge

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