Contest Calendar

Using the 4 major American sports, the calendar permits at least one SquareUp Contest on nearly 350 days out of the year. SquareUp will choose which days to run contests, and will always give advance notice.

In order for SquareUp to run a contest, at least 8 teams (4 games) must be playing in the given contest interval.

Theoretical Maximum Entries based on # of teams playing:

8 teams (4 games): 56 Combinations

10 teams (5 games): 120 Combinations

12 teams (6 games): 220 Combinations

14 teams (7 games): 2002 Combinations

16 teams (8 games): 11440 Combinations

18 teams (9 games): 48620 Combinations

20 teams (10 games): 167960 Combinations

Even when 20+ teams are playing, SquareUp may choose to limit the amount of mintable scorecards in order to incentivize trading on secondary markets.

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