Legal Information

SquareUp legal information

Rake Free Entry Fees

100% of all entry fees are paid back out to users in the form of prizes. Since SquareUp is not taking a cut or rake of entries, our legal team believes this helps establish the protocol in a fair and legal manner.

Token Gated Access

Eventually, after the open beta testing concludes, SquareUp will token-gate access to all future SquareUp Mint Phases. Only those who own the SquareUp Founders Pass will be able to participate in each SquareUp Mint Phase.

Users who do not own a Founder's pass will no longer be able to participate in each SquareUp mint phase, however, they will still have full access to the marketplace and be able to participate in this way.

Among other things, the Founders Pass effectively will be a perpetual pre-sale access spot to all future SquareUp Contests.

Game of Skill

While the mint phase will be verifiably random and fair for all participants, skilled traders with elite analytical skills will be able to find valuable edges on secondary markets.

Geo-fencing Certain Jurisdictions

The following jurisdictions will be geo-blocked from interacting with the SquareUp front-end platform for legal regulation reasons.

  • United States

  • Costa Rica

Terms and Conditions

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