What happens if two or more scorecards are tied for the same prize?

In addition to the list of teams, each scorecard will also receive a random integer between 1 and n (with n being the maximum amount of entries for that contest) that will serve as a tie-breaking coefficient. Each ticket will have a unique tie-breaking coefficient.

In the event of a tie between two or more scorecards on the SquareUp leaderboard, each scorecard's tie-breaking coefficient will be used and the lower coefficient will win.

A tie-breaking coefficient of 1 is the strongest and will win all tie-breaking scenarios.

The tie-breaking coefficient will be easily visible on the ticket's image and meta data.


Two scorecards are tied for first place at the end of the contest.

Scorecard A: Contains a tie-breaking coefficient of 4

Scorecard B: Contains a tie-breaking coefficient of 7

Scorecard A would finish in first place, Scorecard B would finish in second place.

The use of a tie-breaking coefficient further gamifies the experience by slightly adjusting each scorecard's value.

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